The Catholic Story

About Me

I’m a non-entity, a nondescript, graying homeschool mom who wants to learn how to write. I figure probably the best way to do that is to write. I could just write in a journal. But I probably won’t. I know! Maybe I’ll write in a blog! Something about the possibility of readers seems to make the act of writing into something that I might follow through on. So here we are. I plan to write. I’m not really sure why.¬† Maybe I’m hoping I’ll stop saying things- all the things- I should not say. Maybe I can get it out of my system by writing.

Don’t ask me why the blog is named “The Catholic Story.” There doesn’t seem to really be any good reason for that, except that I’m a Catholic, and everything in my life that I would probably write about seems to more or less relate back to being Catholic.

I hope you find something to read here that interests you.


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